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In my debut book, Corn-fed with Rice on the Side, I wanted to provide hope and inspiration to other adoptees and a greater understanding of an adoptee's life to non-adoptees.  I hope you find the humor (as I have) in certain situations, the ironies, some inspiration, as well as, greater acceptance of one another...whether you are adopted of not through my journey.

Corn-fed with Rice on the Side book cover
Corn-fed with Rice on the Side


Corn-fed with Rice on the Side is a collection of stories about growing up as a Korean adoptee.  It takes a humorous and light-hearted view on daily life as an adoptee and shines a unique perspective on adoption.

Adoptees, whether international or domestic, will find strength and self-assurance in these relatable stories that provide hope, inspiration and joy.  For non-adoptees, it will provide great awareness and understanding of how you see, interact and communicate with adoptees in the future.  This book is about the common journey we all take growing up, going through different phases of life, but from a Korean adoptee's perspective.  It's a truthful look at the life of a Korean adoptee.

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